PARNASSUS Releases Self-Titled Debut Album
Parnassus, in Greek mythology, is the home of the muses, the center of music and poetry. When searching for just the right name for their duo, guitarist Pete Huttlinger and vocalist Mollie Weaver knew immediately that Parnassus described exactly what their combined talents were creating.

The long-time friends and collaborators have performed together many times, including two concerts at Carnegie Hall. Huttlinger, a world renowned acoustic guitarist living in Nashville, and Weaver, an in-demand vocalist living in Los Angeles, were first introduced via a connection they both had with John Denver.

They first performed together in 1998 at a tribute concert to Denver in Aspen, CO at the Wheeler Opera Housean event they continued to do annually over the next 15 years. During that time, they worked on various joint projects but always returned to the idea of recording music that they would arrange specifically for guitar and vocal.

In 2010, Huttlinger and Weaver gave an outstanding performance at Carnegie Hall. The audience reaction  three standing ovations -- was so encouraging they decided it was time to capture on a recording what they had been doing live. A portion of the recording of this debut album was completed in 2012, but due to demands on both their careers, they kept putting it on the back burner.

"In February 2015, a couple of months after Pete and I had performed a Christmas show together, we decided we wanted to do a Christmas album," Weaver explains. "After putting together a song list, I traveled to Nashville and we recorded in Pete's studio. It went really well and we loved working through the creative process together. So riding upon that wave of inspiration, we knew it was time to go back and finish the record we had started in 2012. One month after we finished recording the Christmas record, I flew back to Nashville. We chose, learned, arranged and recorded eight more songs in six days."

Huttlinger adds, "We chose to record songs that we grew up with, or fell in love with, at some point in our lives. And we did it partly for the challenge of 'Can we make this work with just a guitar and a voice?' particularly on songs like A Day In The Life. I think Mollie and I are at our best when we are interpreters, and we wanted to put our own spin on each song. In fact, I don't see Parnassus as one album as much as I do 13 little albums. Each song is a complete statement. Each song is different from the others both in style and content and in the way we treated them."

Weaver agrees, "Since Parnassus means, the sacred home to the muses and was said to be a mountain of poetic and creative activity, I believe that really defines the music that we've created here together." You can read more about this project HERE